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in France

20 years of highest quality
We invested money in French company that was founded back in 1996. During the time of its operation, this company has become a market leader for food supplements and cosmetics production not only in France, but also in Europe, now its products are being sold world wide. Each new development reflects the idea of the company founders: offer best products for improving health and quality of life. Cutting-edge technologies are used in the production, saving all the healthy properties of the ingredients.
  • Founded
  • Head office
    in france
  • 100% compliance
    with standard
3 production sites
In addition to its head office, which is located in Strasbourg, Trading Point has 3 other production sites:
-for dry products - 4000 m2
-for liquid products - 3500 m2
-for cosmetics products - 2300 m2
Best of the best
Trading Point has been on the market for over 23 years. Shortly after founding, it entered the Top-10 French pharmaceutical companies thanks to using cutting-edge technologies.
From research to delivery
Trading Point is not just a company with "full cycle of development". The best scientists create its formulas, and the best experts deal with production, quality control, and logistics.
  • 1996Founded
  • Head office
    in france
  • GMP100% compliance
    with standard